You should seriously take a look at AutoStudio 72 inventory to dig out the best used Hyundai available right now.

A Second-Hand Hyundai for you!

Hyundai is a leader in car manufacturing. Leader in the South Korean market and 4th largest global manufacturer, Koreans are becoming more powerful and diversified on the market.
In Canada, more than a dozen models plow the roads of the country, including in Quebec. They are reliable and economical vehicles. In 2017, Hyundai Motors celebrated its 50th anniversary and showed the world its rapid growth in the global market.
In Quebec, with nearly 14,500 sales in 2017, the Hyundai Elantra was in third place in the segment of the most compact sedans. Interestingly, the most popular subcompact car in Quebec was still the Hyundai Accent with more than 9,300 units sold in 2016 and almost 20,000 in Canada for the same period.
At AutoStudio 72, your favorite car dealer in Mirabel, near Saint-Jérôme, you will find several Hyundai models for you.

Why Choose a Hyundai in 2019?

From the get-go, in large urban centers, but also in the suburbs, people tend to go for smaller vehicles since they’re a lot easier to maneuver and to park. The subcompact, like smaller SUVs, seems to win the palm with consumers. Moreover, subcompact, compact cars and smaller SUVs account for more than 50% of the cars sold on the Quebec market.
The Hyundai brand is among the most reliable and economical subcompact and compact cars in the vehicle landscape of this class.
Moreover, Hyundai vehicles are reliable, but they are also cheap to buy. In addition, you will make big savings when you decide to buy a second hand Hyundai. Whether it's an Accent, Elantra, Elantra GT, Sonata or Sonata Hybrid, for example, AutoStudio 72 has what you need.
By the way, our Hyundai second-hand vehicles are certified and guaranteed. A 120,000 km Korean vehicle is still considered young. In addition, if it has been well-maintained during its entire lifetime, you can get an unbeatable deal for a 2013 or 2014 Hyundai in excellent condition. Why these years specifically, you may ask? Because they have been record years for the Korean manufacturer in terms of the reliability of its vehicles.
Another element to consider. At AutoStudio 72, you can get these Hyundai vehicles for $ 10,000 or much less. Since these are good vehicles, they leave quickly, so you better get here fast!
Finally, be aware that the Hyundai are equipped with many advanced features, and that advanced security options and performance remains at the rendezvous. In terms of fuel consumption, these are excellent vehicles in the city and the suburbs. If you have to commute between Saint-Jérôme and Montreal every morning and evening, know that you will save a lot on gas.
In short, there is a second-hand Hyundai for you at AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel. But why choose this dealer rather than another?

AutoStudio 72: The True Reference for a Hyundai

For more than two decades, our experience in used vehicles has been our greatest strength. In addition, we follow market trends, we examine the strengths and weaknesses of car manufacturers, we analyze the car market and its models thoroughly.
From this source of knowledge and know-how, we are able to see that the Korean manufacturer Hyundai has been working hard to bring its vehicles up in the world rank. Today, he presents us with reliable, robust, intelligent and efficient cars.
Korean engineers have been able to develop strategies to innovate, design avant-garde car models and produce well-assembled vehicles with alloy combinations that make their different models perform well in the city and on the highways of Quebec, Canada and the United States.
At AutoStudio 72, the business of buying and selling second hand vehicles has no secrets. We know our business well and have been offering the best to our thousands of customers for over 20 years.
We take the time to listen to you, to advise you, to provide you with all the necessary financing tools to allow you to leave with the vehicle of your dreams. Come test a second-hand Hyundai vehicle now. With a Hyundai St-Jerome in Mirabel, we have what you need. At AutoStudio 72 we have been the best when it comes to second hand cars for over 20 years. We are waiting for you!
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