A used electric car is the right decision with AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel near Laval and Saint-Jérôme


Updated May 25 2022

For the past few years, sales of new electric vehicles have been on the rise and the models are increasingly varied. Because there are more of them on the road, the supply of used electric vehicles is going proportionally in the same direction.

Find out more about the advantages of this choice, including the cost of insurance, the reliability of electric motors and the reduced costs.

A Beneficial Choice

The used electric vehicle offers clear advantages to consumers who want to move toward electrification rather than diesel or gasoline engines. Used electric vehicles are:

  • Quiet
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly

The market for used cars is constantly growing as it is attractive and economical. AutoStudio 72 finds that taking a used electric car for a test drive is a good way to get a taste for this type of vehicle. The experience is worth it to get an idea of electric driving with its instantaneous accelerations!

Moreover, the models are becoming more and more interesting, and we are far from the first models on the market. Indeed, as Auto Aubaine (in collaboration with Promutuel Insurance) points out:

First, it is because of the low level of sales that manufacturers have
improved their models by aligning themselves with existing demands

The latest generations of electric vehicles are therefore particularly advanced in terms of technology, comfort and are increasingly responsive to buyers’ concerns.

Less Expensive Insurance

Generally speaking, insurance for electric vehicles is less expensive than insurance for gasoline-powered vehicles. In fact, insurers favor the purchase of electric vehicles because of the more limited risks. In fact, an electric car travels shorter distances than a conventional vehicle, so there is less risk of an accident. Insurance companies therefore encourage this type of vehicle and offer discounts.

Reliable Engines

At AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, we know all about electric vehicles, and for good reason. In fact, we only choose inspected vehicles and we also take care to check the current wear and tear of the batteries before buying. Since this is the most important issue, the consumer will be aware of the electric vehicle he intends to purchase.

Moreover, electric vehicle engines are much less complex than gasoline engines. Therefore, the potential risk of technical problems is much lower. Lower risk means lower maintenance costs when you go to the garage. In fact, you will never have to perform maintenance such as oil changes again: you won’t have to use any!

As more and more manufacturers offer electric models, they are also developing advanced and more robust technologies, batteries and systems. Among the qualities of the engines are

  • Improved reliability
  • Increased performance
  • More and more range

As we know, electric cars are on the rise and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this regard, they meet all the environmental standards in force. They are innovative, forward-thinking and are our future.

Incentives of Up to $4,000

The Quebec government is proposing financial initiatives for electric vehicles. With the “Roulez vert” (Go Green) program, you can receive up to $4,000 in incentives for the purchase of a used electric vehicle. It always costs less to drive electric.

Plus, you’ll notice the immediate fuel savings when you use an electric vehicle at a time when the price of gasoline at the pump is constantly rising and fluctuating. However, electric energy is abundant in Quebec and at low cost.

In short, buying a used electric car is a good deal, especially since the current models have proven themselves on our roads. They will be replaced by new models in the next few years, so the current cars will be excellent used vehicles for those who want to migrate to electrification at an attractive price.

At AutoStudio 72 on the North Shore of Montréal in Mirabel, just minutes from Laval, we have the electric or hybrid vehicle you need. Come and test drive one of our many cars in Mirabel. We look forward to seeing you at AutoStudio 72 for a road test today.

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