Used Cars in Mirabel: A Vehicle for Less Than $10,000! a blue Ford

Used Cars in Mirabel: A Vehicle for Less Than $10,000!

You don’t buy a used car on a whim – reliability is one of the most important criteria. Reliability at the “right price” is even better! Used car enthusiasts will tell you this: you can drive a trendy vehicle and avoid paying the high price! What if you made the best choice possible when buying a used vehicle? 

Your AutoStudio 72 dealership on the North Shore of Montreal in Mirabel for used cars near Saint-Jérôme, Blainville, Terrebonne, Boisbriand and just minutes from Laval, guarantees that it can find the used vehicle of your dreams at a price that defies all competition. 

Once Upon a Time There Was an Opportunity…

All beautiful stories begin with these four words. Like many consumers, you’ve been bitterly surprised to discover the expensive price for some vehicles, but you’re still reluctant to buy a used car. Rest assured that by walking into AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, the specialist in used car sales at the right price, you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

Considering that the price of a new vehicle depreciates by up to 50% in a few years, you won’t choose a used car just by chance!

Looking for an SUV or sedan, a high-tech road warrior or a more minimalist vehicle? At AutoStudio 72 you will discover a wide selection of used vehicles of all makes and years that are inspected and certified. And for tighter budgets, you’ll find financially accessible models for less than $10,000, lower than the average market price!

And if you choose a recent pre-owned vehicle with low mileage without any availability issues, it goes without saying that you’re a winner in every way! 

Once you choose a vehicle, financing issues are bound to arise. There is no need to convince your financial advisor or to go through tedious processes with other banks. Who better than AutoStudio 72 to understand the value of your purchase and, above all, the expectations you have for it? 

When you come to AutoStudio 72, you’ll forget about all your financing worries and you won’t leave without a customized solution! AutoStudio 72 will offer you advantageous interest rates that cannot be matched by banks for the purchase of a similar vehicle by an individual, for example. AutoStudio 72’s ambitious goal, which is almost a mission, is to leave no customer at the side of the road.

For the rest, it would take ten pages to list all the benefits your AutoStudio 72 dealer offers you. Let’s focus on summarizing AutoStudio 72’s “philosophy”, which is to best meet your needs with an attractive offer and the most competitive quality/price ratio on the market.

High Standards as a Guideline

Buying your vehicle at AutoStudio 72, just a few minutes from Laval, means opting for a safe purchase and a relationship based on trust. 

With a reputation of over 20 years in the sale and financing of used cars, AutoStudio 72 was voted best dealer by the CarGurus website in 2019. Security and peace of mind are key words when buying at AutoStudio 72!

Our team of seasoned experts will guide you to the vehicle that best suits your needs and tastes and, as a bonus, the best financing solution. Once you’ve purchased your next vehicle, you can count on after-sales service that has customer satisfaction at heart. 

As you can see, the opportunity is worth the detour to AutoStudio 72, and we will continue to surprise you. Our beautiful story starts with “Once upon a time” ends with “They lived happily and travelled far and wide”.

see inventory; a Hyundai, a Mazda and a Honda

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