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The versatility of trucks is an undeniable attraction when it comes to choosing a vehicle. Between the robustness of a truck and its impressive capacities, used trucks are suitable for the needs of a great number of consumers.

We will make you discover the advantages and capacities of these vehicles, then we will help you choose the right model by offering you a glimpse of what's waiting for you in our dealership.

Trucks: The advantages to consider

Are you asking yourself if pickup trucks are a good choice for you? Discover their advantages now and let them convince you!    

We can already say the high position contributes to the sensation of self-assurance that drivers often experience. Trucks indeed offer solid and stable driving, and their 4x4 traction plays its part in providing steadiness. Though four-wheel drive is often just an option when purchasing a new vehicle, most used pickup trucks for sale are equipped with it.

Workers often turn to trucks for jobs that require going off-road, but they are far from the only ones to do so. People living in or travelling to rural areas can count on a solid low-speed four-wheel system.

Likewise, travellers and outdoors enthusiasts find many advantages in trucks. Camping grounds, mountain outings and forest getaways on muddy trails? Nothing can scare a truck driver.

Depending on the model, you can get hold of a vehicle intended for outdoors driving, with reinforced bodywork, and appropriately adjusted suspension and dampers. In addition, such vehicles have different engines, depending on your needs.

Either way, the robustness of trucks enables you to face any and all conditions with perfect peace of mind.

Heightened capacities

Another notable advantage that consumers love about trucks is, of course, the capacities they have, whether concerning towing or payload. For example, full-size pickup trucks reach maximum towing capacities of:

  • More than 9 000 lb. with the Nissan Titan
  • 12 000 lb. with the Toyota Tundra or the F-150 Ford pickup truck
  • Up to 12 750 lb. with the RAM 1500

HD (Heavy Duty) models can do even more. Whether you wish to tow a trailer, an off-road vehicle or a boat, our second-hand trucks enable you to do it very easily. In addition, more recent models often include technologies which help you hook up the trailer and drive with it!

Finally, the high payload of these vehicles enables you to haul your equipment with ease. You would be missing out if you thought thecargo bed is only practical for moving days! You can use it for other adventures, such as installing a tent in it and sleeping under the stars.

Which truck should you choose?

Since vehicle category is going up in popularity, manufacturers are competing to offer always more capacities, comfort and technologies. It's great news for you, since it means used trucks are often very well equipped and can even offer a certain luxury.

What is the best used vehicle? You must know that each brand has its advantages. Some models rely more on power, others on reliability or technologies. For example, Japanese trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma are among the most reliable vehicles.

Yet, Marc-André Gauthier, of The Car Guide, gave this advice to a consumer who was wondering what model to choose:

"Beyond the reputation of vehicles, it's above all the maintenance which has been done since they came out of the factory that is truly responsible for long-term reliability."


We have very well-maintained vehicles in our inventory

At AutoStudio 72, we provide CARFAX reports certifying the good condition of used trucks for sale and of the maintenance which has been done. We offer a complete inventory of second-hand trucks in good condition, including many which are very well equipped!

At our dealership you can find, for example:

  • Chevrolet Colorado
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Ford F-150
  • Nissan Titan
  • RAM 1500
  • And many others!

No matter what your preferences are or what your budget is, there's your ideal model in our complete inventory of used vehicles. Models with leather trims, powerful engines, panoramic sunroofs and even more await you.

Look at them online, or try them at AutoStudio 72, your dealer in used vehicles in Mirabel on the North Shore of Montréal, a few minutes from Laval.

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