Cars $ 10,000 or less: choosing wisely does not mean paying a lot, come and discover your next car at Autostudio 72.


Ok, let’s get real: when it comes to buying a car (and not just leasing one for a couple of years), few people can really afford going over a 10,000$ budget. But why should they anyway? AutoStudio72, your second-hand car dealer from Mirabel, near Saint-Jerome and Laval, and its employees don’t think you should have to ruin yourself in order to get something of value (in most cases, it’s actually the opposite). The 10,000$ (or cheaper) cars’ market represents a gold mine that you would be crazy not to consider before buying.

Solid cars at a fair price

When we say 10,000$ cars of cheaper, we’re not talking about “lemons” or cheap vehicles (in a bad way) that will give you more headaches than fun. The *2013* Chevrolet Cruze LT turbo, the *2011* Ford escape XLT (with leather seats) and the *2010* Honda Civic Sport, to mention only these three, still retain most of their use value and are offered for less than 10,000$ at AutoStudio72. You’ll also find there the best value for your money on the likes of Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen and many more. Why lease when you can own and why spend more for a brand new vehicle when you can get most of its value at a fraction of the price? And by the way, AutoStudio72 provides you with a 100% financing service on the aforementioned cars and others.

The things you won’t get

In life, you can’t have it all and it’s even truer on the second-hand cars’ market. Buying a 10,000$ car (or cheaper) means you won’t get to pay most of the price tag of a vehicle that you’ll have to give back in a few years. It also means that you won’t invest in a car whose value will start to plummet as soon as it touches the road. A second-hand vehicle won’t give you the joy of the uncertainty surrounding its quality since you can ask for a carproof report. Finally, you won’t be able to spend thousands of dollars in taxes at the SAAQ nor be forced to get a full coverage insurance policy (that you’ll probably never need anyways).

In some people’s minds, 10,000$ cars or cheaper are aimed at individuals that can’t afford more expensive vehicles. While it’s partly true, the excellent deals and the value for your money that you’ll find at AutoStudio 72 should convince you to go take a look no matter what your budget is.

10000$ cars or cheaper,choose smartly so you wont pay too much

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