SUVs: Just as Popular as Before!

For many years, the sport utility vehicle, often referred to as the SUV, has been growing in popularity. There has been and continues to be quite a few reasons for this continuous growth.

At AutoStudio 72, we give you all the information necessary to know if the SUV is the right choice for you. With us, come and find out why this vehicle is a cost-effective choice and why the used car market could be the right answer for you.

The SUV’s Birth and Growth

The sport utility vehicle appeared for the first time in 1963 with the creation of the Jeep Wagooner. At that time, it was mostly derived from pickup trucks.

It’s only years down the line, in the middle of the ’90s, that the Crossover, or compact SUV, made its first appearance.

As such, despite its recent gain in popularity, the SUV has a long history. Over the course of many years, it’s proven itself time and time again. That’s one of the many reasons why we now see on the road many brands of SUVs, including: Toyota SUVs, KIA SUVs, Ford SUVs, Nissan SUVs, and many others. We can’t

forget abouthybrid SUVs, large SUVs and small SUVs, etc.

In short, the SUV is now available in many different flavours, whether it’s in terms of car manufacturer, size or engine type.

SUVs, a Cost-Effective Choice for Travellers … and Others

For those of us that anticipate putting a lot of mileage in their vehicles, the SUV will always be a winning choice.

The SUV is well suited for long drives, harsh terrain and difficult weather conditions. It’s built to run often and for long periods of time. Its reliability is, among its many qualities, the most recognized benefit it has over other vehicle options.

If you’re the kind of person that only drives to get to work or to go to the grocery store, it’s possible that the SUV might not be your first choice.

However, if you want to be ready for contingencies, a small compact SUV or an intermediate SUV might be able to offer you the perfect compromise between utility and savings.

It’s possible to find a model that will answer all your needs and will give you the driving experience you want. Whether it’s:

  • A car manufacturer in particular

  • An engine type, like a gas SUV, a hybrid or a fully electric one

  • A very specific look, etc.

There is an SUV for you.

An SUV for the Whole Family or for Yourself

When we think about SUVs, we most often think about the 7 passengers SUVs or maybe even the 8 passengers SUVs. Indeed, this vehicle has the reputation of being mostly for big families that need a lot of space to be comfortable.

But 5-seater SUV models exist, and they fit perfectly in the gap between compacts and the 7 passengers intermediate SUVs. They are a perfect choice for people who want the benefits offered by SUVs but don’t need the additional space.

Why Choose a Used SUV

The main reason to buy a used SUV will always be the lower price when compared to brand new vehicles. While it’s obvious that used cars save money, we often forget how much money they save.

If we save a lot on the upfront cost of the vehicle, it’s also important to think about all the additional costs and fees we avoid by choosing to go for a used vehicle. Indeed, we spare ourselves quite a few expenses, including

  • Delivery cost

  • Additional taxes

  • Higher insurance premiums

All these are charges we need to calculate when we want to know the real price difference between a used car and a new one.

In fact, with insurance premiums always on the rise, it might be the best choice to go for a used car.

Even if you want a more modern vehicle, like anelectric SUV, the used car market is there for you. Without a doubt, you’ll find they’re the best vehicle for you, no matter what you’re looking for.

A well-maintained used SUV is usually an excellent choice! At AutoStudio 72, we offer total transparency on our vehicles’ history, and we have a wide selection of SUVs in stock.

Find an SUV for sale or any other vehicle ideal for you at AutoStudio 72, your used car dealership in Mirabel, on the North Shore of Montreal, just a few minutes away from Laval.

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