Find out why you should choose a SUV at Autostudio 72 in Mirabel near Laval and Saint-Jerome


As winter approaches, many of you may be re-evaluating their car choices and wondering if an SUV would be better suited to this long season in Quebec. The general answer to this question should be "yes" and "no" because there are many general and more personal factors to consider. Keep on reading to find out what is the right answer for you.


SUVs’ Plus-Sides

Objectively speaking, SUVs are better options than sedans in at least a few key dimensions: because of their larger stature and higher power, these utility vehicles offer more space for passengers, better cargo space and a significantly higher towing capacity compared to smaller vehicles. In addition, thanks to their height or relative distance to the road, they offer a better handling in more diverse scenarios, either when you go off-road or when the road conditions are particularly difficult, like after a snowstorm, for example. All Quebecers who drive are sensitive at least to this last point, and even if it is the only one on the list that echoes your lifestyle, for some, it justifies the purchase of an SUV in spite of what we will discuss in the next section.


The Downsides to Assess

If SUVs only had advantages, you would not be reading this text since you would already have one. The first drawback to mention - the most obvious - is the higher price of such vehicles, not only at the dealer but also at the gas station. These less-than-interesting points must be contrasted with the expected benefits of buying an SUV, especially if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel and regularly drive long distances. The All-wheel drive (a fairly standard feature on recent SUVs) and the better handling of utility vehicles can substantially improve your driving experience.


No one knows better than you whether you need an SUV or not, but as winter approaches, you should consider the right things. If you come to the conclusion that an SUV is the best choice for you, go to AutoStudio 72, your second-hand car dealer in Mirabel, near Saint-Jerome and Laval, and you will find your happiness.

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