Spring Is Here: The Perfect Time to Give Your Car a Thorough Cleaning!

Every year, spring brings the melting of the snow and the gradual return of nice weather. Many people take advantage of this time of year to give their homes a thorough cleaning. Why not take care of your car too?

If it is well maintained, a used car can last a long time. AutoStudio72 is here to give you some tips in order to maintain your vehicle and keep it at its full potential.

The Importance of Changing Your Car Tires

Tire change is an important step before winter arrives, but it is just as important after the cold season ends.

Keeping your winter tires on during the summer can cause several problems:

  • The heat accelerates the deterioration of the tires

  • Their poor water evacuation increases the risk of aquaplaning

  • They do not brake as well on wet surfaces

  • And possibly many others!

It is also important to have your tires changed for summer tires when spring arrives.

The legal date for changing tires is March 16, but winter proves year after year that it's a good idea to keep them on for a little while after that date.

A Complete Cleaning of Your Car's Interior

During winter it is less likely to take care of the interior of your car, therefore, when warmer weather returns it is somehow essential to do so. Spring cleaning isn't just for the house.

To get your vehicle properly cleaned, it may be worth giving the interior a thorough wash. Your car's carpets are probably very dirty after the winter.

Water mixed equally with vinegar is a great way to clean car carpets.

Then, clean your seats that accumulate dust and other dirt all year long.

If they are made of fabric, you can use a steam machine or white vinegar for car seat cleaning in a thorough manner.

As for leather seats, there are several products on the market that are specifically designed for this task.

It is also interesting to go through all nooks and crannies of your car and make sure that everything is clean inside:

  • The inside of the doors

  • The dashboard

  • The trunk, etc.

If you really want to forget about winter, you can get out of your trunk the snow broom, the shovel and other winter tools, and don't forget to clean them as well!

Take Care of the Car Body and Mechanical Parts

At the end of winter, many substances will have accumulated on your vehicle, such as:

  • Salt

  • Sand

  • Calcium, etc.

If you let them stay on your vehicle, they could damage the body and mechanical parts underneath the car. It is very important to wash the exterior of your vehicle and to remove all the dirt that has accumulated during the winter.

By cleaning your vehicle with high end car care products, you can ensure that it will look as good as when you bought it.

The Importance of an Oil Change in Spring

Depending on your manufacturer's recommendations, the time between oil changes can vary. Six months is generally an acceptable time between oil changes.

The main purpose of motor oil is to lubricate your engine and ensure that it does not overheat. During its use, it accumulates many particles and debris.

Dirty oil is less efficient and can cause problems with your engine. It's simply not worth the risk to your engine.

Be sure to follow your manufacturer's recommendations for oil changes.

Changing your engine oil at the same time as you change your winter tires is the perfect opportunity to get a fresh start for the summer.

Other Small Checks and Tasks

Of course, your vehicle is a complex machine. While we mentioned above the main tasks, there are a few others you can do in the spring, such as:

  • Fluid check (brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc.)

  • Make sure the battery is in good working condition

  • Checking the windshield wipers for any damage, etc.

In short, winter wears out many parts of your vehicle. Spring maintenance carried out by an expert should be enough to keep your vehicle in good shape for the warm seasons.

AutoStudio72 is your dealer in Mirabel, specialized in pre-owned vehicles. Come and see us today: you will find the right vehicle for you.

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