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You currently have financial struggles or you have experienced a difficult financial situation in the past, your credit score has been stained and your solvability is not what it used to be. In short, you think for a moment that the doors to a loan for the purchase of an automobile vehicle have shut themselves forever. Well, think again, because there is a very simple formula, called the home auto financing, which allows you to start new.


AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, at the doorstep of the Laurentians, near Laval and a few minutes away from Montreal, has been specializing in house financing for decades now and offers you advantageous options with certified pre-owned vehicles.


The Second Chance at Credit


The option of the second chance at credit will allow you to purchase your next pre-owned vehicle. Since AutoStudio 72 has been specializing in this type of financing for a very long time, they are able to offer not only advantageous interest rates, but also a certified pre-owned vehicle. Indeed, this seasoned dealership negotiates for you with different financial institutions and listens to the needs of the clients who desire a car loan.


The home auto financing is first and foremost an option to allow you to rebuild your credit among banks and financial institutions. The trick with this type of financing is to go without excess, which means that it is better to borrow for the purchase of a smaller vehicle and be able to make regular payments. Financial institutions indeed look at the borrowed amount, but what also counts will be the regularity of your payments, especially when it comes to regaining the trust of the loaners after financial difficulties. 


Second chance financing constitutes an interesting lever to help you in your credit rebuilding process. If you are able to respect and make your monthly payments for 12 or 24 consecutive months without hiccups, you will be winner in the end.


AutoStudio 72, Your Pre-Owned Dealership by Excellence


Thanks to its expertise and its advice, AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel possesses all the financial tools to help you in the acquisition process of your pre-owned vehicle. With its pre-owned vehicle inventory, AutoStudio 72 offers you the possibility to become the owner of a vehicle thanks to an automobile loan paired with a very advantageous interest rate.


Many pre-owned car dealerships will offer you a second chance car loan at an exorbitant rate. Know that at AutoStudio 72 we work for you. By making sure we establish your needs together and by knowing your payment capacity, we will be able to custom build you a car loan that will reflect your financial reality. This loan will be suited for you and will allow you to leave with the pre-owned vehicle of your choice.


In short, at AutoStudio 72, we not only sell pre-owned vehicles; we‘re looking to become partners of your financial success. Come and visit us today in Mirabel, near Laval and Montreal to find the certified vehicle you need.

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