New vehicle purchasing opportunities offered by Autostudio 72 in Mirabel, don't miss out.

While you may pay full price for a new vehicle at your local dealer or get a not so good deal on a pre-owned vehicle elsewhere, you should consider seizing the opportunity offered by AutoStudio72 at Mirabel, near Laval and the North Shore, which has a nearly magical formula for your vehicle purchase plan.
How? By its initiative and its constant customer service improvements, AutoStudio72 has decided to 'copy' what currently prevails in the real estate sector. Have you ever heard of "repossessed properties"? Facing financial difficulties, banks do not hesitate to take back your house and then put it on sale at a very good price. The whole process is supported by large enterprises specialized in real estate.
Taken this as an inspiration, AutoStudio72 forges ahead by offering you repossessed vehicles. But what is actually a "repossessed vehicle"? It is like a repossessed house. So far, AutoStudio72 is the only car dealer with this business approach and stores seized vehicles following bankruptcy.
For a short period of time, it gives you the opportunity to purchase vehicles at an extraordinarily low cost. It is no exaggeration to say that they are 40 % percent cheaper than at other pre-owned vehicles dealers, for example. Strange and unbelievable, you say? Not quite. AutoStudio72 kept in stock an impressive range of seized vehicles for 7 days before transferring the goods in an auction for final resale.
Therefore, AutoStudio72 at Mirabel, near Laval and the North Shore, gives you the chance to purchase at a very good price a pre-owned vehicle that has been previously cleaned and retouched. This is definitely an unmatched bargain. Such innovative customer approach is quite unique.
As AutoStudio72 is teaming up with a large number of trustees in bankruptcy, it can offer to its customers a wide range of motor vehicles. There are SUVs, cars, minivans, convertibles, trucks, vans of all brands and models.

We have the best market rates for the financing of your vehicle purchase, regardless of your current situation. For many years now, specialized credit service is what we are good at.
Do not hesitate to visit us, you will walk away like a winner, after a rewarding and warm experience with our staff. As we are mandated by bailiffs for the sale of vehicles, we offer a turnkey service like the aesthetics of your vehicle, transport, storage, etc.

We are waiting for you now. AutoStudio72, the car dealer with pre-owned vehicles sold at the best price ever. Come and save over 40% on your next vehicle, at Mirabel, near Laval and the North Shore.


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