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Lease Takeovers: They’re Good Deals!

Many people think that lease takeovers only affects homeowners who are going through difficult times, but this situation also exists in the automotive field. At AutoStudio 72, your Mirabel second hand car dealer on the North Shore, near Laval and Montreal, we have a lot of experience in this area.

What you need to Know Before Going Forward with a Lease Takeover

In the automobile sector, when the owner of a vehicle is no longer able to make his payments, the creditor may decide to take back his car. It is likely to end up at an auction where it’s going to be sold for a fraction of its value. If you don’t know a good auctioneer, you may well end up with an uninspected vehicle that will cause you a lot of troubles.
First of all, it’s important for your second hand car dealer to know how the auction works so that they can make the best vehicle choices for you. When your car dealer has been in business for many years like AutoStudio 72, its experience will help you save a lot of money and avoid troubles.
Indeed, since an experienced car dealer is able to inspect vehicles purchased at auction, he is already doing the work for you. We know for a fact that a vehicle’s lease takeover means that the former owner struggled financially and thus failed to maintain properly his vehicle because of it. With its knowledge and skills in automotive inspection, AutoStudio 72 is able to select the most interesting vehicles on the market. Plus, it will likely save you a lot of money. A car sold at an auction can be purchased for as low as 60% of its value.
Second advice, a vehicle in a lease takeover is not necessarily a vehicle at the end of its life. It's often the opposite that happens. You can expect to get the vehicle of your dreams for a fraction of the price. An owner in financial distress may be required to return his almost new car to the creditor if he is no longer able to make his payments.
At an auction, this vehicle will be sold to a second hand car dealer, so you can find the right deal if you take the time to choose your next vehicle. For example, is it a lease takeover on a purchased or rented vehicle? If it is a purchased vehicle, you need to know how to negotiate its price and know the history of the vehicle. If it is a lease takeover, it can be interesting since you continue the monthly payments already in place, without having to pay the security deposit.
Third tip, don’t automatically assume that the second hand car dealer in your neighborhood knows what he’s talking about. This could be at your own risk. It is important to do business with a dealer who knows the world of auctions and who knows how to buy cars at an unbeatable price.
In short, a lease takeover can be a good deal because you can get a very good vehicle at a fraction of the price if you know an expert in this area.

Why AutoStudio 72?

We have been in business for decades and you are sure to get the best price for a vehicle that fits your criteria. With an impressive inventory of second hand vehicles, advantageous financing terms and unbeatable interest rates, we will be happy to advise you on your next vehicle.
Rest assured that we know the world of auctions in Quebec and Canada. We know we have to find the best vehicles for our vast customer base. We are constantly looking for the best quality and unbeatable prices. Thanks to our expertise, we know what we need to buy and at what price. Based on these criteria, we offer you recent second-hand vehicles that have been inspected and certified.
Our goal is for you to leave with the vehicle of your dreams. Since we are finding the best deals at auction, we are able to help you make the best decision possible. Car lease takeovers are an important facet of our business.
We have recent, well-maintained vehicles for you with little mileage. We know that buying a vehicle is a big expense. We want to give you the most for your money. Thanks to our advices, our service and our reputation, at AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel on the North Shore, near Laval and minutes away from Montreal, you'll save money. You will leave with the most popular vehicle.
Come visit us now to see the quality of our products. We will be pleased to welcome you and bring you the experience of AutoStudio 72, your second hand vehicle dealer on the North Shore of Montreal.
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