Not Only SUVs, but Sedans Too!

While there are more and more SUVs on our roads, the appeal of the sedan remains real and up-to-date. In fact, all car dealerships offer a variety of cars for sale, from compact to mid-size to electric, not to mention the large luxury sedan.

Let's discover the advantages of driving a sedan, and why this category of vehicle is still the envy of many buyers.

What Is a Sedan?

You're looking for a pre-owned vehicle, and you've opted for a used car. But first, let's take a step back to define what we mean by a sedan.

In the automotive language, unlike an SUV, a car is a passenger vehicle that usually has four doors for four or more occupants. Experts agree that a sedan relies on three interrelated assemblies that make up this type of vehicle:

  • The engine compartment

  • The passenger compartment

  • The rear compartment or cargo compartment

In comparison, used and new cars appeared on the market long before SUVs. They've been on our roads for over 120 years!

Finally, in a sedan, you'll sit lower and closer to the road than in an SUV, where the ground clearance is higher.

The Advantages of Driving a Sedan

Now that you know more about what defines a car, why do we look for a car for sale at a used car dealer?

Different from an SUV, the sedan offers many advantages that please people. Without going into all the details, driving a car provides a number of great sensations. These include:

  • A lower center of gravity for better road handling

  • Sedans are generally more fuel-efficient than other vehicles, mainly due to their lower height and aerodynamics

  • They are often performant and pleasant to drive, both in town and on longer journeys

There are other advantages to driving a sedan, including the following:

  • Sedans often offer greater comfort, mainly due to their size

  • Sedan seats are often better padded than in other vehicles, and rear passengers benefit from greater legroom

Finally, there are other advantages to driving a sedan, such as lower maintenance costs than those of an SUV, for example.

It's often said that cars have style, and that their smoother handling makes for a more enjoyable drive than other vehicles, especially crossovers and SUVs. This remark fits the car like a glove, as it is often elegant and slender in mid-size and full-size models.

The Sedan: A Good Choice!

After all that's been said, the choice of a used or new car is easy to explain.

At AutoStudio 72, we offer a vast inventory of pre-owned cars. Whether you're looking for a Subaru Legacy, a Mazda3, a Hyundai Elantra, a Honda Civic, a Chevrolet Cruze, a Nissan Leaf, a Mercedes-Benz B250, a Nissan Sentra or another used car model, we've got the one for you.

All our cars feature a wide range of technological equipment and driver assistance systems. Not only are they reliable sedans, they're also up-to-date. Moreover, these are safe vehicles.

What's more, all our sedans come at an unbeatable price. They have been scrupulously inspected before being put on sale, and we provide you with a full Carfax report.

Instant Car Financing!

Finally, take advantage of our fast in-house car financing or our advantageous 1st, 2nd and 3rd chance at credit solutions. Our on-site advisors can offer you a flexible auto credit with winning terms.

Have you been through a difficult financial situation? At AutoStudio 72, we can help. Because we've been in business for decades and know what we are doing, we'll offer you a financial plan with the best rates on the market, tailored to your situation.

Take advantage of our reliable, durable vehicles at the best prices in town. Take a test drive and leave with the vehicle of your dreams. AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, on Montreal's North Shore and just minutes from Laval, is the place to buy your next pre-owned sedan.

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