Maintain Your Vehicle and Avoid Unpleasant Surprises!

How many times have we heard our neighbors or friends talk about their bad experiences at the garage? Each time, they’ve insisted that they’ve deliberately skipped several servicing sessions on their vehicle, and that their bill was astronomical.

Car Maintenance Is Profitable!

By the way, the other day, a friend of ours decided to act when his mechanic presented him with a hefty bill of $2,300 for various repairs. Upon receiving the bill, he wondered why it was costing him so much. The mechanic checked the date of his last visit, which was almost two years ago! The customer had his answer.

If you think it’s pointless to visit your local garage for regular maintenance, think again.

Regular vehicle maintenance on your new car or pre-owned SUV will help you put some money back in your pockets.

In fact, a regular inspection, i.e., twice a year (every six months), will enable you to detect problems and remedy them before they cost you an arm and a leg. Moreover, your auto mechanics will be revisited and restored to good working order, if necessary.

What Exactly Does Annual Maintenance Involve?

As we’ve just seen, regular maintenance will spare you the surprise of forgotten repairs, which can be very costly. Consequently, it is important to know when maintenance is due, and what your mechanic will be checking on your new or pre-owned car.

Twice a year, your mechanic will check the following items:

  • Checking warning lights and changing oil, if necessary

  • Check filter and oil change, if applicable

  • Inspect belts and hoses

  • Check battery

  • Change cabin air filters

  • Tire rotation and alignment

  • Check brakes and discs

  • Etc.

In short, it doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is new or used, your auto garage can do the work for you. Not only will your vehicle be in good functioning order, but your certified mechanic will also be able to point out any other non-visible anomalies. With full knowledge of the facts, you can intervene promptly and have the suggested repairs carried out.

It’s important to keep your invoices, as they show that you’ve carried out your maintenance on a regular basis. If you sell your vehicle to a private individual, you can show them all the repair invoices carried out on the vehicle. If you have to hand over your lease to your car dealer at the end of the lease, he’ll have tangible proof that you’ve taken good care of the leased vehicle.

When Should I Service My Vehicle?

Earlier in this article, we partially answered this question. To avoid going to the garage several times a year, a good idea would be to make an appointment to have your tires serviced and changed at the same time.

In Quebec, winter tires are required between December 1st and March 15. Although this rule is mandatory for all vehicles on our roads, certain conditions may require you to postpone changing your tires for a few weeks.

In short, when you go to your mechanic to change your tires, you can ask him to carry out a fluid check, oil change, brake check, tire inspection and perform general vehicle maintenance.

Consequently, you can schedule vehicle maintenance and tire changes at the same time. Simplify your life while remaining consistent in your vehicle maintenance. The more regular you are, the better off your car, SUV or truck will be. The cost of car maintenance will be more negligible than if you had to pay for major repairs following a prolonged absence from your auto mechanic.

In short, as the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) notes:

Regular maintenance increases the safety and reliability of your vehicle. Although it can be costly, there are many benefits (reduced fuel consumption, better resale value, prevention of costly breakdowns, etc.) that make it a win-win situation.”

For your next pre-owned vehicle drop by AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel on Montréal’s North Shore, just minutes from Laval. Take advantage of our many years of experience, our vast selection of used vehicles and our advantageous financing solutions. Our team will be happy to advise you. We look forward to seeing you!

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