Get Your Auto Financing from Us!

Looking for a new car but don't have the funds to buy it? You want to get a good deal without paying sky-high interest rates? Look no further: we can offer you financing, no matter who you are.

We'll tell you more about our guaranteed financing options, the way we do it, and then our inventory of used vehicles.

Guaranteed Auto Credit!

You need or simply want a new vehicle, but you're worried about not being able to pay. Even worse, you know that your current or past financial difficulties are an obstacle when you apply for auto financing.

You are not alone, and we have a solution for you. At AutoStudio72, you can get easily approved, regardless of your credit rating. In fact, those who are refused bank loans have good chances with us, whether it's a case of:

  • Discharged bankruptcy

  • Financial recovery

  • Self-employed person

  • In debt person

  • Or any other situation

In fact, people who do not have a credit history, such as young people or newcomers, can also obtain car financing. Thanks to our in-house car financing options, we have the possibility to guarantee you a loan!

It's easy to get started: just fill out our Express Approval Form or Full Credit Application. In the first case, we will contact you for more information; in the second case, we will directly submit your request!

A Tailor-Made Solution

Our team doesn't just approve you: they take time with you to better understand your needs. When you apply for used car financing, we get in touch with you to help you better.

First, we'll establish your income and budget and explore payment options; for example, will you be making monthly or bi-monthly settlements? How long will you spread out your payments? If you're not sure, we can help you with the calculations!

Consequently, we make sure to offer you a loan that corresponds to your needs and budget,while aiming for the lowest possible interest and financing rates.

A Vast Inventory Awaits You

Once you obtain financing with us, you gain access to an impressive inventory of used vehicles! We really have something for every taste and budget.

Whether you're looking for a used SUV,a sedan, a minivan, a truck or even a convertible, your rare gem awaits you in our inventory! We offer quality vehicles in good condition, and many options fall below $10,000 for those who have less money.

We even carry affordable luxury cars, as well as full option models. Browse our inventory to find your ideal car, whether your criteria are comfort, space or performance. Browse online according to your type of vehicle or your favorite manufacturer: we have all that you need!

What Are the Most Reliable Used Cars?

Several rankings allow us to establish, from one year to the next, the most reliable makes and models. Among those that frequently stand out are manufacturers such as:

  • Toyota/Lexus

  • Honda

  • Subaru

  • Mazda

  • Nissan

While some are a little more reliable than others, experts conclude that older vehicles are having fewer and fewer problems.

Dave Sargent, vice president at J.D. Power, states that:

"Despite the increased adoption of complex technologies, reliability continues to improve. It goes without saying that three-year-old vehicles are today better built and more reliable than vehicles of the same age from previous years."

So, whether you go for a brand known to be reliable or a little less so, a used car that has been well maintained is often a good choice! At AutoStudio72, we inform you in all transparency about the vehicle's history and its small problems, if any. We provide you with a Carfax report, which you can even consult online to learn more about the vehicle you are interested in.

Find your ideal car at AutoStudio72, your used car dealer in Mirabel on the North Shore of Montréal, just a few minutes from Laval.

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