Decontaminate paint, why? Come and meet us at Autostudio72 in Mirabel and we will tell you why.

Why Decontaminate Paint?

Whether you buy a new or used car, over time, it becomes dirty, especially in the more exposed areas, such as the body’s paint. It then becomes easy to notice the dust, acid rain, bird droppings or even sand. Your AutoStudio 72 dealer, located in Mirabel close to Saint-Jérôme and Laval, suggests best practices for decontaminating the paint of your vehicle. This ensures a longer lasting vehicle and most of all, gives the car a new lease on life. A very good thing when you want to resell your used car!

Why decontaminate my car’s paint?

First of all, there’s one simple reason. Nobody likes having a dirty vehicle and one in poor condition. Nobody wants to seem like a careless person with their friends. Second, over time, contaminants settle on the paint and then pass through all the layers responsible for protecting your vehicle (wax, clear, paint and primer). The consequences can be disastrous. Your precious vehicle may end up in the row of used cars that nobody wants to buy in a hurry! The balance of the paint becomes fragile and gradually loses its shine. Your car is getting old! But don’t panic, you can fix this problem with a Ziploc bag that you will need to use on the spots. If you can feel the print with your fingers, then it’s high time that you got down to decontaminating your car.

How do I decontaminate my vehicle’s paint?

Your AutoStudio 72 dealer, located in Mirabel, close to Saint-Jérôme and Laval, is no stranger to this problem. Two solutions are provided. You can work on it yourself. All you need to do is wash and dry your vehicle. Then, you will need a clean clay bar, mix it in your hands, then rub it on the body while regularly applying the clay lube. Go step by step, one area at a time (on a spot with a maximum of 30 sq. cm). It can take time, perhaps several hours, so be patient! Quick tip: this project should be done at home in a closed garage, and protected from the wind to prevent other particles from settling on the paint again.

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