Find out how to prepare your vehicle for the summer with Autostudio 72 in Mirabel near Laval and Saint-Jerome.


The time that so many Quebecers have been waiting for has finally arrived: winter is over. Believe it or not, your car is at least as happy as you to see summer (almost) back. If you want to show some love to the vehicle that transported you in the cold and the snow for months, these are simple steps you can take right now.


Oils, Fluids and General Cleanliness

Start with the body of your car, including the underside. A thorough cleaning is required to remove impurities, salt and other corrosive elements that would have proliferated during winter. Plus, it’s time to dirty your hands and to pop up the hood: engine oil, coolant, automatic transmission fluid, windshield washer, etc. All these elements must be full or at the good level. Also, don’t forget to check your air filters (in the engine and in the cabin) and to change them if they’re painful to watch.


Tire Changes

If you didn’t install your summer tires yet, it’s about time to get on it or to let a professional take care of it. On top of accelerating the wearing process of your tires (and thus reducing the number of years you can use them), neglecting to change your tires as soon as it’s safe to do so increases your stopping distance / time, putting you at a greater risk of being involved in an easily preventable accident.


In the Cabin

Do you pay attention to the floor of your house even when you’re not expecting anybody? Of course you do! Apply the same logic to your car: it’s not because only a handful of people see / mind the state of its floor that you can afford to neglect its condition. Take off your winter mats, use a portable vacuum to remove small rocks and grits, and don’t hesitate to apply some shampoo. Next step is your trunk:  remove all the tools and accessories you won’t need for at least a few months (shovels, scrappers, brushes, booster cables, blankets, etc.) and repeat the cleaning process.


Maintaining a car is boring. The summer is short and we all want to enjoy every single moment, but the best way to do so for many summers is to have a well-maintained car all year-round. You know what you have to do!

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