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Getting the Best Possible Auto Financing Rate
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Getting the Best Possible Auto Financing Rate Financing a vehicle is now commonplace for automobile owners, but too many consumers simply don’t take the time to consider the most beneficial financing options available to them. Today, there are plenty of different ways to finance a vehicle, whether it’s through dealerships or directly through a banking institution. This is why...

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The Top 5 Used SUVs: What You Need to Know!
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The Top 5 Used SUVs: What You Need to Know! The used car market is so crowded that it can be hard to find your way around: everyone is looking for a car that is in good condition and built to last. Value for your money is also a very important consideration: consumers want to pay the best price for the best car. SUVs being the most popular category, AutoStudio 72 offers you a list of the...

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The Used Vehicle Market: The Right Choice in 2021!
as72 marche vehicules usagee b 01 en 20 1

The used vehicle has always been a great success because of the many advantages it offers, mainly financial. It's a safe bet that this success will only grow and reach its peak in 2021. At a time when the price of new cars only continues to climb from year to year, many consumers are turning their backs on them. The used car is the perfect combination of favourable price and reliability!  AutoStudio...

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Used Cars in Mirabel: A Vehicle for Less Than $10,000!
as72 mirabel auto usagee b 01 en

Used Cars in Mirabel: A Vehicle for Less Than $10,000! You don’t buy a used car on a whim – reliability is one of the most important criteria. Reliability at the “right price” is even better! Used car enthusiasts will tell you this: you can drive a trendy vehicle and avoid paying the high price! What if you made the best choice possible when buying a used vehicle?  Your...

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Pre-Owned Vehicles and Auto 3rd Chance Credit
as72 occasion et 3e chance cta 12 en

Pre-Owned Vehicles and Auto 3rd Chance Credit Buying a new vehicle is an important decision: whether it’s out of pure enjoyment, thirst for freedom or absolute necessity, you have to make the right choice. The right choice is not only a matter of the car chosen and its characteristics, it is also about the individual or the dealer who sells it to us. If you’re looking for a used...

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The Right Car Price: The Low-Gas Consumption Used Vehicle!
autostudio72 11 bon prix auto b header eng

The Right Car Price: The Low-Gas Consumption Used Vehicle! It's a proven and indisputable fact: buying a used car is an excellent way to save money. A great disparity between models, years and types of cars means that there's bound to be a perfect option for your tastes and budget! Aside from the cost at the time of purchase, there is another way to ensure long-term savings. It's...

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All-Wheel Drive Vehicle: Ready for Winter?
autostudio72 pret pour hiver b header eng

All-Wheel Drive Vehicle: Ready for Winter? October is coming to an end, and the colourful leaves are gradually giving way to bare trees: the imminent arrival of winter is intruding into our minds. For many, winter is also a synonym of difficulties of all kinds with the car, whether on the road or starting up. The acquisition of an all-wheel-drive vehicle is an increasingly popular feature...

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A Large Choice of Pre-Owned SUVs in Mirabel
autostudio72 grandchoixvus en 1

A Large Choice of Pre-Owned SUVs in Mirabel Small vehicles are being replaced by sport utility vehicles, which are taking a growing share of the automotive market. SUVs are becoming so popular that they are storming our roads. They are comfortable, user-friendly and allow you to store your luggage more easily. Alongside these new SUVs which crisscross the roads of Quebec and Canada, used SUVs...

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A Budget for a Car Less $20 000
autostudio72 moins 20 000 en

A Budget for a Car Less $20 000 Reliable and durable used vehicles are not easy to find. The wise consumer will take the time to review the following factors: mileage, vehicle maintenance history, general condition of the vehicle being purchased, its year of manufacture, etc. In addition, it is important to know what the new car or SUV will be used for. Is it a second car for the family? Is...

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The best used sports vehicles
autostudio72 used sport b en

The Best Pre-Owned Sports Cars The used vehicle market is growing in popularity across the country and in the United States. However, while the range of sports cars is impressive, not all sports cars offer the same performance, especially if they are used. AutoStudio 72 on the North Shore of Montreal in Mirabel, near Saint-Jérôme, Blainville, Terrebonne, Boisbriand and just...

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How to Disinfect Your Car
autostudio72 desinfecter b an

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard and we have had to follow guidelines that are still valid today, such as respecting social distancing and washing our hands often. At the dawn of deconfinement, it is still important to remember as well that our motor vehicle must not be left behind and must be disinfected. AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, on the North Shore of Montreal, near Saint-Jérôme,...

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Car Financing Repossession, the Winning Solution
autostudio72 reprise de finance b en

From the outset, it is important to debunk the popular belief that the recovery of automotive finance is not a preferable option. If the adage “One man’s misfortune makes another man’s fortune” applies in this case, it must be noted that in the case of a car financing repossession and bailiff repossession, the buyer of a vehicle can get a good deal. AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel,...

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How to Properly Determine the Car Which Will Suit You
autostudio72 voitures an

We are often thrilled with the idea of acquiring a new vehicle, and rightfully so since the purchase of a car or SUV constitutes an important expense and we want to do things properly. This blog seeks first and foremost to bring to your attention some useful advice before launching yourself head first in the purchase of your next vehicle. AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, on the North Shore of Montreal...

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Lease Takeovers, They're Good Deals!
autostudio72 occasion en 1

Many people think that lease takeovers only affects homeowners who are going through difficult times, but this situation also exists in the automotive field. At AutoStudio 72, your Mirabel second hand car dealer on the North Shore, near Laval and Montreal, we have a lot of experience in this area. What you need to Know Before Going Forward with a Lease Takeover In the automobile sector, when...

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The Top 5 Pre-Owned SUVs
autostudio72 occasion en

First, we must agree on the acronym: SUV in French means Sport Utility Vehicle and it is often used rightly or wrongly by Francophones who talk about SUV for Sport Utility Vehicle. That being said, some dealerships will talk to you about used SUVs or used SUVs, but know that it's the same thing. At AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel near Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Eustache, Laval and...

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A Pre-Owned Kia from AutoStudio 72
autostudio72 kia occasion en

      “The power to surprise”: here is a nice slogan when we’re talking about the Kia brand who constantly seeks to exceed its customers’ expectations, thanks to incessant innovations in the automobile industry. Kia vehicles do not cease to tread our roads in Quebec, Canada and North America.   AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, on the North Shore of Montreal...

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What Is a Second Chance at Credit?
autostudio72 credit deuxieme chance en

  You currently have financial struggles or you have experienced a difficult financial situation in the past, your credit score has been stained and your solvability is not what it used to be. In short, you think for a moment that the doors to a loan for the purchase of an automobile vehicle have shut themselves forever. Well, think again, because there is a very simple formula, called the...

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What is Debt Ratio?

Consumers may hear about debt/equity ratio or indebtedness ratio, and this immediately casts doubt in their minds or slows their desire to apply for a car loan. In fact, the debt ratio is simply a financial indicator to better understand your financial status.   The used car loan at Mirabel near Laval and Montreal offers a great opportunity when the time comes to review your credit report. AutoStudio...

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Credit Problem? AutoStudio 72 Has the Solution!
autostudio72 credit solution en

        Credit Problem? AutoStudio 72 Has the Solution! When comes the time to acquire a used vehicle, several questions may come to mind. At AutoStudio 72 Used Cars in Mirabel, near Saint-Jérôme and only a few minutes from Laval and Montreal, we have all the answers and solutions for you - it's been our business for ages.   Purchasing a Used Vehicle You...

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A Used Electric Car is a Good Deal!
autostudio72 electric car en

In recent years, new electric vehicle sales have been on the rise and the models are becoming increasingly diversified. Because these vehicles are more common on the roads, it means that the inventory of used electric vehicles is proportionally increasing. AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, on the North Shore of Montreal and a few minutes from Laval and Montreal, has been specializing in used vehicles...

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The Best pre-owned Trucks are at AutoStudio 72
autostudio72 camions usages en

The Best Trucks are at AutoStudio 72 When we’re trying to assess a vehicle reliability, we can’t apply to trucks the same standards that we would use for passenger vehicles. After all, trucks are victims of their quality, in a sense. They are all robust, but can also suffer the disadvantages of this robustness, that is to say that they can be abused for several years. Never mind,...

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A Second Hand Dodge Grand Caravan: Good for your Family and your Wallet!
autostudio72 grand caravan portefeuille en

In 2017, the Dodge Grand Caravan alone accounted for 57% of all minivan sales in North America. Many claim that the minivan segment is over, but Chrysler has been keeping this tradition for 36 years, something to be proud of! Indeed, the first Dodge Grand Caravan appeared for the first time in 1983. At the time, it was called the "morecar" because it offered both a lot of...

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Auto financing, how does it work?
autostudio72 financement en

      Have you shopped for your used car and have your search been successful? Good! Now, you will have to finance it. But auto financing can sometimes be difficult to unravel. Discover our tips for getting your financing with ease and you'll learn all about auto financing! Financing solution obtained from the merchant: options and tips. Getting your car financing directly...

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A Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz: Why Not?
autostudio72 choisir mercedes used en 1  1  1  1  1  1

  A Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz: Why Not?   You often hear that some experiences are priceless, but these very experiences sometimes come with fairly expensive requirements. Driving a Mercedes-Benz is the perfect example to illustrate that fact. However, if you can’t afford to drive a brand new Mercedes-Benz, consider a second-hand model. At AutoStudio72, your second-hand vehicles’...

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SUVs and Quebec's Winter: A Few Things to Consider
autostudio72 choisir vus hiver en 1  1

  As winter approaches, many of you may be re-evaluating their car choices and wondering if an SUV would be better suited to this long season in Quebec. The general answer to this question should be "yes" and "no" because there are many general and more personal factors to consider. Keep on reading to find out what is the right answer for you.   SUVs’ Plus-Sides   Objectively...

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Repossessed Cars Are Always a Good Deal!
autostudio72 reprise finance octobre en 1  1  1  1

  Lease Takeovers: They’re Good Deals! Many people think that lease takeovers only affects homeowners who are going through difficult times, but this situation also exists in the automotive field. At AutoStudio 72, your Mirabel second hand car dealer on the North Shore, near Laval and Montreal, we have a lot of experience in this area. What you need to Know Before Going Forward...

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5 Myths about the Purchase of a Used Car
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The Purchase of a Vehicle: How to Make an Informed decision
autostudio72 juin comparer modele en 1

    Let’s put our ego aside for a moment and be realistic: we all know less about cars that we think or wish we do. However, when it comes to the purchase of one of these multi-thousand dollars gadgets, every mistake can potentially cost a couple of extra hundred or thousand dollars and create a lot of frustration. With that in mind, ignoring your ego to follow a rigorous process...

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Is Your Car Ready For The Summer?
autostudio72 preparer auto ete en

    The time that so many Quebecers have been waiting for has finally arrived: winter is over. Believe it or not, your car is at least as happy as you to see summer (almost) back. If you want to show some love to the vehicle that transported you in the cold and the snow for months, these are simple steps you can take right now.   Oils, Fluids and General Cleanliness   Start...

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We give you more than the competition
autostudio72 cote a cote vtt usage blogue en 1  1

    The market for second-hand cars is so vibrant in Quebec that it’s more than possible for a “practical” consumer to go from one modern and reliable car to another during his entire life without ever shelling out the price of a brand new car. Those that are looking for a specific brand or model can easily find a specialized dealer, but how can one pick a good “generalist”?...

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Second hand BMW: the best cars at the best price
autostudio72 bmw occasion blogue en 1  1  1

  A Second Hand BMW: A Very Wise Choice The subject of this post is very interesting. Why do people look for second hand BMWs? Is it the comfort, the handling, the way of driving that made so many love BMW in the first place? At AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, near the Laurentians, Laval and near Montreal, we have the answers for you. Thanks to our vast experience with German cars, we will...

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What to check on a used vehicle to make a good purchase?
autostudio72 blogue vehicule usage achat en 1  1  1

What should you look for before purchasing a preowned vehicle?   When we’re looking for a new second-hand car, it can be difficult to know what to verify or who we can trust. However, checking a few boxes can dramatically decrease your exposure to bad “surprises”. AutoStudio 72, your second-hand car dealer from Mirabel, near Saint-Jérôme and Laval, will...

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Give some love to your car
autostudio72 amour en 1  1

Give some love to your car Whether your car is brand new or used, whether our province is afflicted with repeated storms or it’s the middle of July, your car should never be in sorry state on a regular basis. Even if some of the treatments listed below seem closer to cosmetic considerations than to actual good practices, it can be good on the long run to regularly maintain your car and to...

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Why Decontaminate Paint?
autostudio72 decontaminer peinture en 1

Why Decontaminate Paint? Whether you buy a new or used car, over time, it becomes dirty, especially in the more exposed areas, such as the body’s paint. It then becomes easy to notice the dust, acid rain, bird droppings or even sand. Your AutoStudio 72 dealer, located in Mirabel close to Saint-Jérôme and Laval, suggests best practices for decontaminating the paint of your vehicle....

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Ford F-150, Best Pickup of the Year
autostudio72 f150 en

Ford F-150, Best Pickup of the Year   When we look at pickup sales over the last few years, we can see that the best-selling pickup truck is the Ford F-series. Year after year, it has proven to be extremely successful (for more than 28 years in the United States to be exact!). That is why your AutoStudio 72 dealership, located in Mirabel near St-Jerome and Laval, has been offering you its...

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The second or third chance that'll get you back on tracks
autostudio72 2 3 chance selle en 1

The second or third chance that’ll get you back on tracks   Bad credit scores put their “owner” on a slippery slope, and thus one that is difficult to climb back: a bad credit score is often due to a series of financing that didn’t go too well, and it’s near-impossible to improve this history when (almost) every lender is turning its back on you because of what...

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Hyundai: good cars at a good price
autostudio72 hyundai en

A Second-Hand Hyundai for you! Hyundai is a leader in car manufacturing. Leader in the South Korean market and 4th largest global manufacturer, Koreans are becoming more powerful and diversified on the market. In Canada, more than a dozen models plow the roads of the country, including in Quebec. They are reliable and economical vehicles. In 2017, Hyundai Motors celebrated its 50th anniversary...

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Used Car Market: Great Opportunities for All Budgets
autostudio72 marche usage en

  Used Car Market: Great Opportunities for All Budgets   When it is time to buy a used car, most of us feel lost and seek advice from more experienced people. However, what do we do if we do not have a trustworthy and reliable friend who possesses significant knowledge about cars? Simple and easy: the specialized website Protegez-vous did the work for you and gathered a whole list of...

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The secrets behind a good credit score
autostudio72 secret note credit en 1  1

The secrets behind a good credit score   Unless you have a very specialized education, some of the things you’ve never learned in school but that you’ll need all your life pertain to your credit report or rating. Which factors are considered? What does my score mean? How can I improve or maintain my credit rating? Let’s review the most important elements you ought to know...

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Everything there is to know on credit reports
autostudio72 tout dossier credit en 1  1  1  1

Everything there is to know on credit reports   Even though we all know that having a good credit report is important, what do we really know about this tool that impacts so many aspects of our lives? Let’s be honest: not much. Let’s change that.   What do we find in a credit report?   Most informations in our credits reports are administrative and fiscal in nature,...

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The causes consequences and solutions
autostudio72 blogue mauvais credit causes solutions en 1  1  1

A bad credit file: causes, consequences and solutions   It’s possible that after a couple of rough years on the money front, you go to your financial institution to ask for a loan (let’s say for a car) and get “no” as an answer. When you weren’t paying attention, your credit score plummeted to the point that banks show you the door after a quick look at your...

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10,000$ cars or cheaper
autostudio72 10000 moins en 1  1

    Ok, let’s get real: when it comes to buying a car (and not just leasing one for a couple of years), few people can really afford going over a 10,000$ budget. But why should they anyway? AutoStudio72, your second-hand car dealer from Mirabel, near Saint-Jerome and Laval, and its employees don’t think you should have to ruin yourself in order to get something of value (in...

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5 good reasons
autostudio72 acheter usage en

5 good reasons to buy a used car   Even if the distinctive smell of a new car and the satisfaction to sit behind a wheel close to an odometer that shows “0” are very tempting, there are at least 5 good reasons to prefer a lightly used car to a brand new vehicle. At AutoStudio72, your second-hand vehicles’ dealer of Mirabel, near Laval and the North shore, you’ll find...

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Third chance loans
autostudio72 2e 3e chance en 1  1

    The uncertainties of life hurt badly your credit score and thus your ability to borrow via the conventional channels? You stuck to it through thick and thin as long as possible, but you feel that your old car is barely standing on its last leg? Don’t panic, you’re not alone in this tough position and Auto Studio 72, at Mirabel, knows it all too well. Auto Studio 72 provides...

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Second chance to credit plan
autostudio72 2e chance en 1  1

  AUTOSTUDIO 72: #1 CHOICE FOR VEHICLE FINANCING   As life is full of twists and turns, AutoStudio72 in Mirabel near Laval and the North Shore is aware that your credit condition may require special care. As we are in the business for several years already, we developed a great expertise in the field of automotive financing.   Even though your financial situation is precarious and...

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Repossessed vehicle
autostudio72 reprise finance en 1  1

    While you may pay full price for a new vehicle at your local dealer or get a not so good deal on a pre-owned vehicle elsewhere, you should consider seizing the opportunity offered by AutoStudio72 at Mirabel, near Laval and the North Shore, which has a nearly magical formula for your vehicle purchase plan.   How? By its initiative and its constant customer service improvements,...

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Bailiff Repo Sale
autostudio72 vente huissier entete en

  Repossessed cars: A winning approach for you!   AutoStudio72 innovates and offers you a brand new way to shop for your vehicle at a competitive price: the sale of repossessed vehicles for financing recovery.   Have you ever heard of "car financing repossession"?   It works the same way as the recovery of real estate mortgages! Having belonged to an individual...

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