The best selection of trucks are at AutoStudio72 in Mirabel near Laval and Saint-Jérôme

The Best Trucks are at AutoStudio 72

When we’re trying to assess a vehicle reliability, we can’t apply to trucks the same standards that we would use for passenger vehicles. After all, trucks are victims of their quality, in a sense. They are all robust, but can also suffer the disadvantages of this robustness, that is to say that they can be abused for several years.

Never mind, we can at least compare trucks to each other. At AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, near the Laurentians, Laval and Montreal, we know the second-hand truck market very well. It is not for nothing that we only have the best pick up in our inventory.

What are the Most Popular Trucks?

Our track record at AutoStudio 72 includes F-150, RAM 1500 and GMC Sierra in line with the Chevrolet Silverado. Why these trucks? First, they are all on the list of the top 10 second hand trucks made by the prestigious Consumer Report (CR).

The F-150, for example, is by far the truck of choice for Canadian and American consumers, and it has been for 50 years. Your AutoStudio 72 dealer, located in Mirabel near St-Jerome and Laval, strongly recommends it.

First, from an outside point of view, this vehicle looks awesome. Its wide trunk can carry a lot of equipment and finishes are neat. It quickly becomes clear that this truck is a premium vehicle. Then, getting closer, you'll appreciate the interior look of this beautiful model that has upholstered leather seats on most versions. Seats are comfortable, from the back seat that offers the same level of standing as the front seats.

As for driving, its size makes for an exceptional handling. The pickup is stable and bends well and most engines in the lineup are powerful and sporty.

Finally, let’s also point out that the F-150 has an excellent resale value. Its robustness also indicates that it is good for several years. A 7-8 year old truck still has a lot of time to spend on the road.

In addition, the RAM 1500 and the GMC Sierra are two outstanding models that can’t be ignored. These two full-size trucks are vehicles in very high demand, and for good reasons. In terms of comfort, the Sierra and RAM 1500 dominate several other trucks in the same segment in addition to offering a more luxurious and better arranged cabin, allowing for a larger cargo space and a spacious cockpit for the passengers. The Sierra and the RAM 1500 also feature an unusual element in vehicles in this range - an avant-garde entertainment system. Comfort extends to the driving experience thanks to the Sierra's shock absorption system and RAM 1500 and the presence of integrated 4G Wi-Fi technology. Whether you're working or spending time with your family, you'll be more comfortable driving the GMC Sierra 1500 and the Ram 1500 than many other trucks of the same style.

Finally, both models have an excellent resale value, just like the F-150. These are trucks that are built to last.

Why AutoStudio 72?

At AutoStudio 72, we have been in business for ages now. Our experience in trading older vehicles in exchange of a discount for newer ones, allows us to offer the best to our customers. All our trucks have been through a thorough inspection. They are all certified and come with a warranty.

In addition, we strive to follow the trend of the market. We know that the F-150, RAM 1500 and GMC Sierra trucks are in high demand. They are popular because they are robust, efficient and they are a safe bet. For all these reasons, we keep them in stock for you.

Book a test drive at AutoStudio 72 now. We are connoisseurs in second hand vehicles. We sell only quality at an unbeatable price. Thanks to our outstanding service, as well as our legendary experience in the truck and second hand vehicle business, we serve our customers as we would like to be served. At AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, near the Laurentians and St-Jerome, we know that a win-win formula awaits you!

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