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Choosing a car, selecting the coverage and additional coverages, can be a difficult task especially when it comes to auto insurance.

We’ll give you a little help in deciding on your type of coverage, your vehicle, your insurer and your other coverages.

Auto Insurance: “Two-Way” Plans or Not?

The insurance contract is divided into two sections: A and B.

The first one is mandatory according to car insurance law: it is the civil liability. This covers damage that your vehicle could cause to the property of others, whether an individual, a business or public property. You need a minimum of $50,000 in coverage, but it is possible to cover up to $1 million for a few dollars more.

Generally, it is not mandatory to cover damage to your vehicle. However, in the case of a car with financing, it may be required by the creditor. It all depends on your contract!

If you have the choice, you may find it more advantageous not to go for a two-way insurance plan and cover damage to your car. If your car is old and didn’t cost you much, it may be cheaper. But ask yourself if you can afford the expenses in case of an accident.

To save money, CAA-Quebec gives you its advice:

“Agreeing to pay a higher deductible in case of a claim would also lower your premium...
A concrete and not complicated saving to make!”


Buying a Car: The Choice of Vehicle

The car model is an important factor related to the calculation of the insurance premium! In fact, sports cars are more expensive to insure because they are associated with a greater risk of accident. If you are inexperienced or young, this choice will cost you even more.

What cars should one avoid? Generally speaking, you should avoid cars that are powerful, luxurious and rare. If you want to save money on insurance, stay away from cars like:

  • Lamborghini
  • Maybach
  • Ferrari
  • Bentley

In addition to being powerful and accident-prone, these types of cars have expensive parts, which should be taken into consideration in the coverage.

Unfortunately, the vehicle’s popularity among thieves is another factor that increases the premium! And since more thefts usually occur in larger cities, where you live also affects the price. Your driving record and annual mileage are also taken into account.

Therefore, many factors, not all of which are within your control, are considered in the insurance premium you pay. What you can control is your choice when it comes to buying a car! To save money, choose a reliable car that is inexpensive to repair and avoid sports cars, especially if you are under 25 years old.

Comparing Quotes

If all car insurance policies are considered similar, not all coverage and premiums are the same! Once you have an idea of what coverage you want, you can start shopping around for quotes from several agents or companies.

Don’t stop at the first quote: it is recommended to get at least 3 or more. In fact, not all insurers offer the same type of coverage or the same premiums. To find the best price for the coverage you want, you should at least make a few quote requests.

Consequently, analyze what each insurer has to offer before you make your final choice and don’t hesitate to make additional inquiries. That way, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed choice!

Replacement Insurance

In addition to automobile insurance, it is possible to be covered with replacement insurance or replacement-cost endorsement, the latter being more for new vehicles.

If you are buying a used vehicle, replacement insurance can be an advantageous option that can be offered by your dealer. This coverage lasts up to 8 years and provides you with a car of equivalent value or compensation in the event of a claim.

You can pay this fixed amount in one payment or integrate it into your automobile financing.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact AutoStudio 72, your used car dealer in Mirabel on the North Shore of Montréal, just a few minutes from Laval! We have many vehicles in Mirabel and we can help you in making the right choice.

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