Advantages of Buying a Used Car

The used-car market is extensive and overall, quite popular. Despite this prominence, some people have a hard time seeing the advantages of buying a pre-owned car, besides the lower price.

AutoStudio 72, your dealership in Mirabel, a few minutes from Laval, is here to explain the main reasons you could get a lot if you shop for your next vehicle at a used car dealership.

Save Even More Than You Might Think

It’s well known that saving money is one of the main reasons people turn toward the used-car market. It’s always cheaper to buy a pre-owned vehicle than a brand-new version of the same vehicle.

However, the money you save by buying a used car isn’t limited to a lower initial price. Indeed, you save in three other major ways when you opt for a used car:

  1. Insurance costs

  2. Shipping costs

  3. Sale taxes

It’s impossible to really compare a brand-new car’s price to a used car’s price simply by looking at the price you pay for the purchase. There are a lot of factors to consider if you really want to know how much you’ll save by choosing to go for a pre-owned vehicle.

Depreciation Is on Your Side

After a vehicle sale, the vehicle loses a good part of its original value during its first couple of years on the road. On average, we’re talking about a loss of 40 to 50% of its original value spread across the first three years. After this period, depreciation slows down considerably.

This means that the moment you buy a brand-new car, you need to be ready for a noticeable drop in your vehicle’s value.

Of course, this depreciation isn’t particularly important if you’re hoping to keep this vehicle for a long time, but it’s still something to consider before buying a new car.

By shopping on the used car market, you can profit directly from this depreciation, instead of having to accept its consequences after your acquisition. If you’re looking to buy a vehicle that’s been on the market for a few years, you could save a lot by taking advantage of the model’s natural depreciation.

The remaining vehicle’s value will be more durable, as depreciation becomes less and less impactful as time passes.

More Options for Your Budget

A lower upfront cost, depreciation working for you, as well as lower insurance premiums are all factors that combine to create a market that’s generally more accessible.

Even on a limited budget, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of vehicles from all makes and models. Shop for brands known for their reliability and durability, such as:

  • Audi

  • Nissan

  • Ford

  • BMW

  • Hyundai, etc.

All of these and even more are easily accessible at prices far more advantageous than if you bought them directly at a new car dealership. Great variety at a low price: here’s an excellent reason to buy your next car pre-owned!

Cars That Are Tougher Than Ever Before

Buying a car has always been a long-term investment. That’s why reliability is often an important thing to consider while shopping around for a new vehicle.

Thankfully, as technology marches on, the average lifespan of new cars never ceases to increase. When you buy a recent model, you get a machine that has been built to be efficient and robust.

This constantly improving durability has been building up the used-car market and making it into an even better investment with each passing year. Buying a modern used car will give you the opportunity to get a car that will last you many years!

Car Financing Rates That Are Just as Advantageous

Many believe that the interest rates on a new car are always more beneficial than those on a used car. However, your rates will mostly vary depending on the financial institution you’re dealing with.

With AutoStudio 72’s team, you get the industry’s best 1st, 2nd and 3rd chance at credit. We have many business partners in the field that give us the opportunity to get the most advantageous rates for our customers, no matter the vehicle they’re looking for.

We’ll find a solution well suited to your needs, no matter your current financial situation. So, if you:

  • Have never bought a car before

  • Reported a bankruptcy in the past

  • Are currently a student

  • Have poor or inexistent credit

  • Are currently self-employed, etc.

We are ready to analyze your case and find the best car loan solutions so that you’ll get to leave driving your dream car at the best possible price.

Discover our wide range of used-car models for sale today at AutoStudio 72, your dealership in Mirabel, on the North Shore.

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