A Car for Under $15,000? Yes, It's Possible!

Are you shopping for a new vehicle, and willing to find a car in good condition for your travels? Used vehicles are an excellent option to consider, especially if you don’t want to pay too much.

Why Choose a Used Car?

The first reason for buying a used car is undoubtedly its price. In fact, we are looking for a vehicle that won’t drain our pockets. The price of a used car is undeniably lower than the price of a new one.

The second reason worth mentioning is linked to your car insurance premiums. When you buy a used SUV or used vehicle, your insurance premiums will be lower than when you buy a new car.

The third reason is vehicle depreciation. As we all know, when you buy a new vehicle, its value decreases considerably in the first year or more. With the purchase of a used car, the depreciation no longer exists, it has been consumed, and consequently the vehicle you are about to buy has stopped losing value.

The fourth reason for buying a pre-owned vehicle is the taxes you have to pay. It’s true that you’ll have to pay taxes on your used car, but these will be significantly lower than if you were buying a new vehicle. As the price is lower, so are the taxes you’ll have to pay.

The final reason to buy a used car is the financing rate. Many used-vehicle dealers offer in-house auto financing, which saves you money on current rates. Since it’s a used vehicle, the rate is generally lower than for a new one. You’ll also find it easier to get a car loan.

In short, a used vehicle can offer better value with lower payments and lower insurance premiums. Buying used can help you avoid many of the additional costs associated with new vehicles, such as delivery charges and extra taxes.

Cars for Sale Under $15,000

Having listed the advantages of buying a used car, are there any places on the market where I could get a small car for sale for under $15,000 in 2023?

Recently, I was looking for a used vehicle garage that would give me value for my money and be reliable. I came across AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, and to my great surprise, I was amazed at the vast choice of car models and car brands.

Not only did I manage to find the vehicle I was looking for, but I also got a very good price with the vehicle’s complete CARFAX report. I noticed that the used car had not been in an accident, that it had been in the hands of a single owner and that the odometer reading indicated quite a low mileage. I quickly obtained a car loan and drove away with the vehicle of my dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a Mazda3, Fiat 500, Honda Civic, Grand Caravan minivan, Acura RDX, Nissan Leaf, BMW 328, Jeep Patriot, Audi Q3 SUV, Toyota Corolla, Subaru Crosstrek XV or Lincoln MKC, AutoStudio 72 has the right vehicle for you.

Not only do our vehicles undergo a thorough inspection, they also come with a complete vehicle history and report. Every car or SUV undergoes a battery of tests before it is offered for sale.

More to the point, at AutoSudio 72 you can choose from a wide range of pre-owned vehicles. We currently have close to 30 vehicles under $15,000 waiting for takers. We carry all the leading brands on the market, and our vehicles are well equipped. You’ll have plenty of choice and will be able to find the rare gem that suits your budget and your needs.

An Experienced Team at Your Service!

Finally, because we’ve been in business for decades, we only sell quality vehicles that will serve you well for many years to come. Our on-site advisors will talk you through the features of each vehicle, show you the advantages of buying a used car, and make it easy for you to complete the transaction.

Take advantage of current saving deals by visiting AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel, on Montreal’s North Shore and just minutes from Laval. A dedicated team awaits you!

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