The Used Vehicle Market: The Right Choice in 2021! Two dark blue Toyota vehicles

The used vehicle has always been a great success because of the many advantages it offers, mainly financial. It's a safe bet that this success will only grow and reach its peak in 2021. At a time when the price of new cars only continues to climb from year to year, many consumers are turning their backs on them. The used car is the perfect combination of favourable price and reliability! 

AutoStudio 72 on the North Shore of Montreal in Mirabel, near Saint-Jérôme, Blainville, Terrebonne, Boisbriand and just a few minutes from Laval, will tell you why. If you are looking for a used car in Mirabel, you will find the right vehicle at AutoStudio 72! 

A Used Car: The Smart Choice 

The numbers don't lie: the past year has been financially difficult for many Quebecers. The need to purchase a car may, however, not be a choice, but an obligation, no matter the amount that is in your bank account. 

However, the brand-new car market is ill positioned to meet this need: entry-level models and smaller cars are on the way out. This leads to a considerable increase in prices and, therefore, it is now difficult to get a new car at a reasonable price. Thus, it is more than logical for the consumer to turn to the used-vehicle market, a choice that is growing in popularity

Indeed, the last generations of cars have proven themselves in terms of reliability and durability. The lifespan of well-maintained vehicles can actually last more than ten years, or even double! Among other things, choosing a car from AutoStudio 72 means assurance that your car will not cause you any future problems. The Carfax report that we give you certifies that the used car has been thoroughly inspected by highly trained technicians. 

Furthermore, in our inventory, you will always find cars from recent years, or even last year, that have barely been used. One of the huge benefits of these cars is that they are almost new, but their value has already gone through most of its depreciation. Therefore, you will benefit from an inventory of recent cars, often never damaged, at an affordable price

The used car market also allows you to find rare gems that suit your budget. Do you dream of a luxury car, a sports car, a vintage car, a convertible? All of these and more are at your fingertips at AutoStudio 72, which has a large inventory of vehicles of all categories

A used car can offer you all the features that you are looking for, as long as you choose it well. In this instance, AutoStudio 72 is your best ally. Offering you cars that are in good condition at competitive prices. In 2021, the choice of a second-hand vehicle is to your advantage: visit our online inventory today or visit our dealership at AutoStudio 72!

AutoStudio 72: The Solution to Bad Credit! 

Even if you are one of those people who this past year has not been kind to, you are sure to find a financing offer with AutoStudio 72. Whether your credit report is good, bad, or even nonexistent, we are able to guarantee you a financing plan tailored to your situation. 

If your credit applications are usually declined because of your credit history, we can even help you improve your rating! Our financial service providers are able to provide you with beneficial offers and interest rates

In addition, you will not be limited in your choices: AutoStudio 72 is also a dealership that offers you one of the best-stocked inventories you will find. Whichever manufacturer you prefer, whatever class of car suits your needs; we've got you covered!

See inventory; a black Golf

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