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The new season has arrived and it is time to clean up your vehicle. After all, it deserves to be taken care of after a particularly long winter. AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel gives you a few tips to make your vehicle shine.

Spring Maintenance: A Must for Your Vehicle!

Like every year, it's not enough to go to your garage to change your tires, oil, engine and pollen filters.

It is also important to revitalize and rejuvenate your vehicle. First of all, don't be afraid to say goodbye to:

  • The bag of salt in the trunk of your vehicle
  • The shovel
  • The traction grids
  • The snow broom
  • The scraper
  • Etc.

A Welcoming Interior

Next, give your car floor mats a good sweep to remove accumulated salt and calcium that can damage the vehicle. Often, water and vinegar on the floor mats will bring them back to life. For the interior of the vehicle, the vacuum cleaner becomes your best ally.

"A cloth simply soaked in hot water will be enough for the dashboard,
doors and leather seats. Don't use an ammonia solution,
which can damage the plastic."[1]

Take the time to go into every corner and leave nothing to chance. Revisit all the spaces in the cabin, storage and trunk, interior pockets, mirrors, window cleaning, etc. Spring cleaning will restore the shine to your car's interior.

Paint Decontamination: Make the exterior shine!

When it comes to the exterior of your vehicle, it's not enough to clean what's visible, but also the underside of your vehicle, the engine and the luggage compartment. Salt, calcium and gravel deposits can build up and contribute to the advanced wear and tear of the vehicle.

Le Guide de l'auto gives us a simple formula for spring exterior washing:

"First, spray with a good pressure the entire body, moldings, rims, inside guards and, as much as possible, the underside of the vehicle, where most of the winter grime accumulates.

Then, using a soft cloth or sponge, wash with soapy water - preferably using a car-specific product - and dry with a chamois. It's up to you if you want to use wax, but then again it gives even better results."[2]

In short, the condition of the car's paint and bodywork should not be overlooked as well, since salt and calcium also damage the shine and color of the vehicle. The decontamination of the paint therefore requires a proper exterior wash and the use of a good wax to make the vehicle shine again. For optimal results, be generous with water and car products.

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To conclude, let's recap some of the features of this blog in terms of automotive esthetics at a reduced price:

Interior Wash

Exterior Wash

1. With water and vinegar, remove calcium and stains from floor mats.

2. With water, revisit all areas, clean the dashboard, touch screen, seats, storage and trunk, interior pockets, etc.

3. Put away the shovel, salt bags, traction grids, etc.

1. Spray generously the body, rims, moldings, etc.

2. Decontaminate paint with soapy water and wax for added shine.

3. Clean the engine and the underside of the vehicle.

4. Dry with a chamois.

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