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Get an Affordable Vehicle with a Bailiff Sale!

Customers looking for a used car are looking for a good deal, getting a good quality car at a good price. A lesser-known option, but one of the most advantageous on the market, is the bailiff's sale, which can save you more than 40%! These vehicles that belonged to drivers who went bankrupt or were unable to pay for them represent an opportunity not to be missed in a dealership.

AutoStudio 72 on the North Shore of Montreal in Mirabel, near Saint-Jérôme, Blainville, Terrebonne, Boisbriand and just a few minutes from Laval has several for you. It is one of the few dealerships to offer these cars for sale before they are sent to the seized vehicle auction, giving you the lowest price. Your used car dealer in Mirabel offers up to 3rd chance auto financing and helps you get the best price.

A Low Price, But a Good Condition Car

When a consumer goes bankrupt or is unable to pay the monthly payments on his car, the bailiff must intervene and seize the vehicle. AutoStudio 72 deals with a large number of trustees and is able to give its customers the chance to get their hands on one of these vehicles.

These vehicles are then sold for a short period of time at the dealership, usually only one week, after which they are sent to auction. It is therefore an opportunity that should be seized quickly before the coveted car flies off the lot and is subsequently resold at a higher price. In fact, a used car repossessed by bailiffs can fetch a price 40% lower than the same used model at another dealership.

If this makes you hesitate, take note that AutoStudio 72 does not sell you just any seized vehicle: our professionals make a meticulous verification. The experts of our service department assure you that you will get a good quality car, clean and with all parts in good condition. The car is cleaned and maintained by the team and returned to you in impeccable condition; vehicles arriving in poor condition are not offered for sale.

On the other hand, sometimes seized cars are almost new, for example when the consumer buys a car beyond his financial means. Bankruptcy can happen to anyone, and the car in question may have been perfectly well maintained during the time it was in use.

In addition, by dealing with numerous trustees, your Mirabel dealership is able to offer you a variety of car choices. Whether you're looking for a sedan, an SUV, a minivan or even a truck or a van, you'll have the opportunity to get your hands on your rare gem. Vehicles of all sizes from different car manufacturers pass through the hands of AutoStudio 72 before being put up for auction.

The dealership has the success of its customers at heart and wishes to make them benefit from the best deals on the market by offering this unique selling process. With AutoStudio 72, get a car at an exceptionally low price, and above all, with an advantageous financing option like you won't find anywhere else.

Whether you have a good credit history and are simply looking for a good deal, or you are in serious financial trouble, take advantage of the right plans. Whatever your situation, your dealer can find 2nd or 3rd chance credit financing and help you improve your credit rating.

In short, buying a vehicle through the bailiff's sale offered at AutoStudio 72 is an opportunity not to be missed to make a good deal.

Caring Dealer, Privileged Customer

At AutoStudio 72, meet a team that cares about your success and offers you a welcoming, friendly, and understanding service. In addition, choose from a vast inventory of used vehicles in excellent condition and ready to accompany you faithfully for many years to come.

Whatever your size of choice or your preferred car manufacturer, your Mirabel dealer has your gem in the dealership; come and visit them without delay!

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