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Are you looking for a used car and on the lookout for the one that will offer you the best value for money? A lesser-known option, the bailiff's sale, is particularly advantageous to obtain a great deal!

Find out what it is as well as the many advantages that the bailiff's car sale has to offer you.

Bailiff sales, an opportunity to seize

It sometimes happens that certain individuals obtain goods that they cannot afford. Unfortunately, financial difficulties such as bankruptcy can also arise. It is in this type of situation that creditors will send a bailiff at the indebted person's residence in order to seize their assets.

When goods are seized, they do not disappear into the horizon: in fact, as you may know, the bailiff's auction allows anyone to buy them back.

Several types of properties can be seized, but vehicles are often one of them. However, they are also a very popular item with buyers! The repossessed vehicle sale is therefore an opportunity that sometimes arises, but that must be seized immediately.

Repossessed vehicles: advantageous prices

So why should we seize the opportunity as soon as it arises? Quite simply because repossessed vehicles sell at a competitive price, even more than the regular used car. This therefore means that they can sell out very quickly!

Indeed, a repossessed car can save you more than 40% of the price you would have paid in other circumstances. In the bailiff's sale, you can find everything, including almost new cars that a driver would have bought beyond his means.

You can therefore find vehicles in immaculate condition or very well maintained over time. Unfortunately, bankruptcy can affect anyone, and the repossessed goods may have belonged to a person who took good care of their car.

In the used car category, the repossessed car therefore offers excellent value for money!

Auctions: a bargain at your dealership

Most of the time, the seized goods go directly to the auction, and you will then have to compete with other potential buyers. AutoStudio 72 sensed a good opportunity and chose to do business with several trustees to offer you the cars before the auction. This therefore means that you will benefit from the lowest price before the vehicle is sent there!

Bailiffs regularly provide us with different types of vehicles, including:

  • Cars

  • Motorcycles

  • Boats

  • MTB

  • VR

Whether you are looking for a car for your daily trips or rather a recreational vehicle, you have every chance of finding what you are looking for. From the smallest budgets to the biggest wallets, one thing is certain: you will save a lot of money.

AutoStudio 72 is one of the few used car dealerships to have this type of partnership with bailiffs. So, it's a good deal that you won't necessarily find elsewhere!

Cars in excellent condition

As aforementioned, it often happens that repossessed cars were owned by a careful person and are in perfect condition. To be sure, however, the vehicles go through the same inspection steps as all our used vehicles in inventory.

Of course, we would never sell a vehicle in poor condition; you can trust the thoroughness of our technicians to ensure the quality of our vehicles in inventory.

Whatever size you are looking for, find your ideal car among models of:

Your dealer, located on the North Shore of Montreal in Mirabel, a few minutes from Laval, offers you a vast inventory of used vehicles for all tastes and budgets. Whether it's a repossessed car or a regular used car, our vehicles in Mirabel offer you exceptional value for money.

In addition to advantageous prices, AutoStudio 72 allows you to benefit from a tailor-made financing plan. Whatever your financial situation, we have a solution for you. Contact us today or submit your preapproval request online!

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