A Large Choice of Pre-Owned SUVs in Mirabel

a large selection of pre-owned SUVS in mirabel with 3 SUVS

Small vehicles are being replaced by sport utility vehicles, which are taking a growing share of the automotive market. SUVs are becoming so popular that they are storming our roads. They are comfortable, user-friendly and allow you to store your luggage more easily. Alongside these new SUVs which crisscross the roads of Quebec and Canada, used SUVs are making their appearance and are also becoming very popular. They are sought after for the same reasons as those mentioned above, with the sole difference that they are considerably less expensive!

AutoStudio 72 on the North Shore of Montreal in Mirabel, near Saint-Jérôme, Blainville, Terrebonne, Boisbriand and just minutes from Montreal, stands out for the quality of its used vehicles and its impressive inventory of pre-owned SUVs. Here it tells us about the advantages and models of its SUVs.

SUVs in Mirabel: AutoStudio 72!

As we can all see, the world of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) has many faces, and competition is increasingly fierce when it comes to choosing among the most reliable vehicles in this category. Yet a close look at the used market tells us that some SUVs score higher than others and are extremely reliable and durable. AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel stands out for its informed choice of pre-owned SUVs. All of its vehicles are certified and among the best on the market.

If you're looking for a high-end pre-owned SUV, why not take a look at a BMW X1, X3 or X5? The power of German vehicles gives the brand its letters of nobility. These three models are currently offered at unbeatable prices, and they are all certified. The X1 and X3 are even more attractive with low mileage, while the X5 comes with AWD traction and a diesel engine.

You dream of a 2016 Jeep Cherokee with less than 42,000 km, a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek with less than 80,000 km, a full-size Acadia SUV for the whole family, or a 2013 Toyota Highlander Limited with less than 115,000 km on the odometer? AutoStudio 72 offers them all to you at low prices. What's more, these SUVs are hyper-reliable with an overall performance that takes them to the top of their class. With their comfortable ride and spacious, user-friendly interior, these pre-owned SUVs excel with their impressive cargo space, their fuel economy that's superior to other SUVs in their class. Plus they remain sturdy and durable.

If you're the Mazda type, AutoStudio 72 has just received well-equipped Mazda CX-3 and CX-5s for you. The used compact SUV market doesn't stop at the models we've just presented. In this category, we can't overlook the 2013-2018 Mazda CX-3 and CX-5 with their sleek look and their user-friendliness to drive. They excel in the pre-owned market since they are above all pleasant to drive and have a well-equipped interior and a nice finish. With their efficient 4-wheel drive system, they get you out of trouble in tough weather. Because they're so stylish, they're a great alternative to luxury SUVs. They're less expensive and yet refined at the same time.

In short, pre-owned SUVs are excellent vehicles, they're more economical than new ones, and what's more, at AutoStudio 72, they're certified. With a vast inventory of pre-owned SUVs, AutoStudio 72 stands out through its choice of vehicles, their resale value and their Carfax Canada certification.

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AutoStudio 72: A Mandatory Stop!

In the greater Montreal North Shore region, AutoStudio 72 has become a leader, especially when it comes to pre-owned SUVs. In business for decades, it has developed solid credibility through the purchase and sale of certified vehicles. It also offers flexible financing solutions, allowing its customers to get what they're looking for.

Its expertise extends beyond the regional level. In fact, its clientele comes from all over Quebec. AutoStudio 72 is a reference in the field and the dealership has a long track record. With its great professional probity, rigorous inspections, know-how and advantageous solutions, it offers you superior quality. Don't hesitate, drop by AutoStudio 72 in Mirabel on the North Shore of Montreal and take advantage of pre-owned SUVs in Mirabel today.

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