Learn the 5 myths of buying a used car with Autostudio 72 in Mirabel near Laval and Saint-Jerome.

5 Myths about the Purchase of a Used Car


New car salesmen will do everything to convince you that a car fresh out of the is always better than a used vehicle, regardless of its condition, the maintenance that has been done on it, its mileage, etc. However, don’t lose sight of the purpose of buying a used vehicle, which is getting the best value possible for your hard-earned money. Here are the most common myths that should not stop you in the pursuit of this goal, and when you will be convinced that the used car market exists for a good reason, go to AutoStudio 72, your used car dealer of Mirabel, near Saint-Jérôme and Laval.


The Irrational Fear of Missing Out

As incredible as it may seem, many people are convinced that the used car market has only a limited choice of poor quality cars. It's completely wrong. Not only is it possible to find pretty much all the previous versions of new vehicles sold in dealerships, but you could also find models that are no longer in production!


The Obsession with Low Mileage

Too many people mistakenly think that a car that has passed the 100,000 kilometer-mark is a time bomb that may explode at any time. All jokes aside, the correlation between the mileage of a vehicle and its general condition is not exactly linear. Some cars belonged to people who worked in another city and mainly drive on highways, while others were primarily in Montreal's traffic and busted on its potholes. You should inspect every car you have on your radar without prejudice, you may be very surprised by what you’ll discover.


The Fear of a Long Process

Another myth: finding the rare pearl takes time and energy. Google had to go unnoticed for people who still think that, but it is quite possible to conclude a used car buying process in just one day, inspection included!


The Fear of the Other Seller

While it may be more reassuring to do business with a well-established retailer for several reasons, one of them should not be the belief that you will have a basic warranty in all cases. If you find an online model that you like at a fair price and it is sold by an individual, you should still take a look at it as soon as possible: it could be a bargain.


The Impression of Dealing with a Dishonest Person

We all know the reputation of car salesmen, and it seems that used car dealers’ is even worse. This myth can be classed among the irrational fears. Dishonest salespersons are no more present in the used car market than elsewhere, do not let this kind of unfounded prejudice stop you.


You are looking for a good used vehicle but do not know where to start? So take a look at AutoStudio 72, your used car dealer in Mirabel, near Saint-Jérôme and Laval, you will certainly find some inspiration there!

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